1. SMS Competition Setup

Easily create an SMS Competition account, apply for a keyword and setup an automated Free SMS Response.

2. SMS Competition Marketing

Advertise your SMS competition and SMS Shortcode on TV, radio, print and other media. Monitor Progress in real time and adjust campaigns accordingly.

3. SMS Competition Reporting

Login to the SMS Competition Reporting Portal at any time to view real time reporting. Download Reports, monitor Progress and ROI.

4. SMS Competition Prize

Award instant Spot Prizes and Grand Pizes utilizing the free, built in, SMS Competition, Random Winner Selection tool.

Why run an SMS Competition?

SMS competitions are a great way to promote your brand, products and services. Its very easy to use and can attract favourable publicity when promoted effectively. We offer an affordable sms shortcode competition solution that can be run as a grand prize contest announced on a certain day, a spot prize competition that contestants get results real time and a voting pole sms contest that will total up scores for you.

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How do SMS competitions work?

You advertise the number and the key word that they need to send in, the contestants SMS the keyword to the number that is advertised. They system will send a free customised SMS reply and stores the information and prizes are awarded on a spot prize basis, random basis on a specific date or tallies up voting. You gain publicity and exposure through the keyword, the branded SMS reply and the attention that the SMS competition generates.

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Our SMS competition reporting system

SMS Competition allows you to instantly view real time reporting by logging in to the SMS Competition Reporting Portal. You can view reporting immediately in a Table on the SMS Competition Reporting Website or alternatively download a excel csv file that will contain all the SMS Competition reporting data.

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SMS competition Resellers:

SMS Competition offers advertising companies, web developers and website owners the opportunity to on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis offer their customers SMS Competition and SMS Voting services. Our SMS Competition Reseller Program is an affilliate, white label, referral solution and we assist high volume websites with an integrated, rebranded sign-up page solution. Refer your SMS Competition clients under your own brand and let our professionally developed SMS Competition backend do the rest.

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Sign Up SMS Competitions

SMS Speed Test

SMS "speedtest" to 33096 to test the SMS Competition free response.
NOTE: SMS charged at R1.50

SMS Competitions

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